Elizabeth Fitzgerald Carter

artist - norfolk

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Carter



Elizabeth draws her inspiration from the spaces and places on the edge or in between worlds.  The shore between land and sea, the sea between sky and land and the often hidden world of our rivers. Painting primarily in acrylics on canvas or board she also uses texture by painting with a palette knife and by introducing grain gels and modelling pastes onto the surface to better evoke the feel of the seascape.

Elizabeth tries to convey her experience of these worlds, be it a sense of calm and renewal or invigoration in stormy weather, to those who see her work.  Much of the work is conceived while kayaking or sailing with friends when she makes use of both sketchbook and camera to capture the moment.  The final painting is then worked up in the studio.

Elizabeth lives in Norfolk in England but also has a tiny getaway island home in the Inner Hebrides near Oban in Scotland where the wildness of the weather and the isolation of the seascapes continue to inspire and inform her arts practice.

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